Local SEO Ranking Factors


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2018 is the year when the local search ranking depends more on the user experience of the content than the number of links and By Calgary SEO Services . Content relevance is sensed by the search engines such as Google, by using the advanced ranking algorithms used by Calgary SEO . The content leads the ranking factors followed by user signals, technical parameters, user experience, social signals and the back links. The study was conducted by Google in the month of December 2016. The latest statistics in 2018 also show the similar pattern of data. Now you can explore how these factors can influence the effectiveness of your website and local SEO for growing and expanding your reach.

Keyword Research – Relevance and Frequency

Keyword continues to be the major contributor for content visibility and accessibility in the internet. But the latest methods of keyword research have changed considerably.

  • Keyword Relevance: Calgary SEO Consultants on the internet belong to multiple categories. They may search casually, for information, product review, future purchase or immediate purchase. It is possible to differentiate every category through intelligent keyword research. The number of potential audiences and buyers are more important to you than the casual searchers. Hence, your keywords should be relevant to these two categories.
  • Search Frequency: According to Local SEO Services experts, you can have better search ranking and visitor traffic by using more number of low frequency (but highly potential) keywords than by having high frequency and lo potential keywords.

Website Content – Keyword Importance

Here we focus on the content relevance with your business and the user requirements. Let us assume a scenario in which you are the owner of an Italian restaurant in Sydney, Australia. You wish to attract customers from the local communities, as well as the tourists visiting the city.

  • Local Address tagging: You need to tag the city name, street name, phone and other contact details either with the keyword or around it. For example, Italian restaurant Sydney is more relevant than just Italian restaurant or Italian restaurant Australia. Italian restaurant Milsons Point Sydney could be more specific than the other options. Using such keywords with the food names in your restaurant menu can also help increase the local search ranking.
  • Keyword Locations: You need to insert these keywords in the title, sub headings, first paragraph, the content, Meta description, image text and video text. Once you index the site in the local search engines, it is possible to get higher ranking and increased visitor traffic. The placement of keywords with their synonyms spaced evenly around them can also have a big impact on increasing the ranking.
  • Keyword Density: It is better to have low density keywords followed by long tail keywords/phrases, rather than stuffing the content with too many of them. Te actual density depends on the business type, search patterns, phrases etc. Your SEO service provider will be able to analyze and suggest the best keyword density for your website content.

Website Content – Relevance and Retention

  • Relevance: The term relevance could be often used as a misnomer with the content itself as a reference point. But the relevance factor is with respect to your business brand, products, services, customer expectations and many other factors. You can get a complete listing of the relevance factors from your SEO service providers. They have the experience of working in your business field websites and understanding the local search engine behaviors.
  • Quality: You may often think content quality is about grammar, spelling and ease of reading, understanding and relevance. Of course it is related all these factors. It also goes many steps ahead by connecting to the consciousness of the website visitors. If they are able to relate their expectations with your style of presentation, they will certainly stay for a moment longer in your website than they intended. They may spend few more moments browsing through the product listing. They may visit a few more pages than they wanted to. They may leave their email-ID at the contact page. They may even subscribe to the newsletter from your website.
  • Retention: Retention can lead to repetitive website visits. Now you need to update your content frequently. Add pages, new keywords, images, videos, local addresses, citations, reviews, customer testimonials, comments and more. You can experience a strong transformation in the local search ranking than ever before. Visitor retention can also lead to sharing of your website links among the potential audiences. This is the Google way of quality link building, when the visitors promote them. Search engines like Google will certainly make a note of these qualities and increase your local search ranking. It will also prevent sliding down on the ranking.

Social Media – Reviews and Ratings

  • Reviews: Now, you need to step into the social media and start developing pages and campaigns in there. You may need to spend a few $s and get a premium account. Once you start publishing your content here and building links to your website, people are sure to see your content initially. Then they may click on the link and visit your website. They may go back and write reviews about your website, business, and products. They matter a lot to those who follow them and share the links to your articles. Positive reviews increase the ranking.
  • Rating: There are also people who may not write reviews. But they may click on likes and write short comments. They may also rate your articles on the social media and the content in your website. The search engines like Google will certainly look at the rating and increase the ranking. Now it is time to expand your reach to more than one social media platforms. Once you start getting the results, the search ranking will certainly move up and stay there.

Authority Links– Proven Track record

Authority websites in your field could be willing to have links to your  website in their blogs and social media pages.  For example, your Italian restaurant website link may feature in the blogs written by a well known Australian recipe specialist in Sydney. This method can also increase the local search ranking.