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We create custom web design, everything from the very simple informational websites to complex web applications.  We create sites that are built to serve your business objectives, we go beyond something that looks pretty on a screen.  We take into consideration any existing content, future marketing plans and the direction in which you want to take your brand. Before we put pixel to screen we vigorously conduct in-depth research into your business and your target market.  We then create a mock-up that lays the foundation for the final design.  We strive to put together a design that works to solve your future business goals.

Your web site is your companies persona on the internet; it the customers first impression of your business. This is why Stunning, creative, straight forward design is so important. Our designs are created to captivate, attract and keep your customer’s attention.

We build stunning, clean, and easy to navigate web sites that will drive customers and profit to your business.

Grab your Customers attention right away

Our approach begins right away by asking the right questions to get the right answers for you. We figure out the best approach to match your goals to proper solutions and meet your businesses needs .We find a strategy that satisfies your needs and your customers’ expectations. With these factors in mind we can build your online presence and do it in a way that will allow your business to grow into the future.

Experience and Vision to create amazing web solutions

At Wedge Internet Marketing we have a team of specialists who have extensive backgrounds in design, Search engine optimization, Content Management systems, HTML, CSS, Scripts, Joomla,Web Development and everything online! We push the boundaries of technology to create innovative solutions that will set you apart from your competitors.

If you want to deploy advanced technologies such as flash, Ecommerce, and applications within your website, we offer a wide range of development services, we have the technology and expertise to reach your desires!

Built with User Experience

Every site that we build is done with the end user in mind, we don’t build sites for you but we build them for your customers.  After extensive research into identifying your target customer along with how to reach them we build your site based on this data.  We also do some competitive analysis and take a look at the services that they offer along with your business goals.  During every site that we build we keep all of that in mind.

We create sites that convey your brand, its values and strengths along with calls to action that allow your customers to navigate through your site easily.  Every graphic provides a visual cue meant to guide the user’s interaction and we make sure that while your site does all of this it is also visually appealing.

Web Design

Content Development

What you have to say is every bit as important as the visuals and calls to action that you put on your page.  We take a look at the existing content you have and how it conveys your brand and tweak it until it is perfect.  The content we create is built with both the user and search engine marketing in mind. We have a team of skilled content writers who can put together the perfect piece of content that inspires your visitors to take action.

Creating a website is a must in today’s business world but that doesn’t mean that you can slap anything up there and it will bring in visitors.  Our team has years of testing and experience and we know how to build a website that converts.  We know how to find your target audience and using the right design elements to lure them in.  Our ultimate goal is always your bottom line.