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Design the Closet of Your Dreams

Walk in closets are a symbol of luxury that every home owner seeks to have, gone are the days when such closets were meant for people with mansions. We help our esteemed clients to acquire functional and elegant walk in closets Calgary  that enable them to have very organized and impeccable places from where they dress. We make it possible for you to have a closet that will ensure that you display your clothes and other accessories in the most desirable manner. If you have good design choices, you will definitely end up with a closet that you have always dreamed about.

Here are a few things you should consider for bestcustom closets:
• Choose a Shape
Some people opt for walk in custom closets that are “L” shaped because they occupy two walls of the room and leave you with enough space for movement. The “U” shape takes up three walls to give maximum storage. In most cases, the straight walk in closet paves way for separate sides (his and hers) and is suitable for small spaces. Regardless of the size, all the three shapes have an area that is specifically set aside for dressing or putting on shoes.
• Choose convenient Storage
We all have a lot of accessories that need to be kept throughout the year. Adding more drawers to your desired closet is the greatest way to have your items kept in a very organized manner away from dust. Setting aside dedicated storage for clothing and accessories will make it very easy and eliminate any stress when looking for items that you need. The best design should take care of shelving requirements, space for hanging, cabinets and drawers that will make your closet appear to be very neat and uncluttered.
• Decide the Style you want
You need to carefully consider several closet ideas before deciding on the best style for your custom closets. The best contemporary style is one that will enable you to have a clean, organized space from where you will be able to display clothes and other accessories beautifully. After giving the design process much thought, you need to come up with a definite style in your mind that would make your walk in closets look cohesive. Once you have developed a sketch of your closet, feel free to incorporate any ideas that you may pick up from experts.
• Dressing and Seating area
In case you have enough space, then your dressing area is the ideal place for you to drop any of those items that you will need later. You should therefore make a selection of good storage drawers and sizeable shelves that will maximize your storage space. You will also have to add boxes or trays on top of your shelves to keep small items such as pocket change, jewelry, keys etc.
An ideal walk in closet that is truly functional requires space for seating. This is very important because you will find yourself trying out some outfits. You must sit in order to put on your shoes. The seating area will be determined by the type of style you opt for. Narrow benches are ideal for straight single isle closets. Large open closets have their own type of arrangement that works well for them.
• Customize Mirrors
In case you are running short of custom storage space in your walk in closet, you will realize that you may not be able to place many mirrors that you probably need. When you have a small space you need to upgrade the doors of your closet to mirrored ones. The multipurpose doors will help you keep some of the items in an organized manner as the mirrors will reflect more light within all parts of your closet and will make the area designated for dressing look and feel larger.
• Lighting and artful organization
In your design, you will have to set the desired mood with lighting your closet in different ways. You can opt to have a focal point, increase brightness in a room where the windows are not adequate. The light should be able to make the contents of your beautiful closet visible.
After lighting up your closet you need to organize your items in sections and come up with combinations of your favorite items that can be displayed. When displaying your items you should be cautious enough not to overdo. The displays should be minimal while making provision for light.
Remember the maxim that says ‘less is more’? Contact us today and we, the experts will plan and design a beautiful custom closet for you.

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