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How the Dust in Your Home May Affect Your Health?


However, sometimes, you have no control over the elements. A dust storm can hit you any minute, and that leaves you in vain. After all, you spent so much time trying to clean everything. That’s not all though is it? No, the real problem comes after when you breathe in that dust and the particles that follow to your lungs. 

Where does Dust come from?

Most of the dust found in your home is produced inside it. As human beings, we tend to shed dead skin cells, hair, and other exposo mes while we stay indoors. This is the same for any pets you keep inside. Dust accumulates over time, and before you know it, you have a messy rug or a dusty bed sheet.

Other known sources of where dust comes from include the air and the kind of geological location you have settled in. If your area is more humid with a larger average rainfall like a tropical island, chances are there is less dust there. However, if you live in an arid place filled with sand, you will most likely be exposed to a lot of dust. Other reasons for dust also include living near a construction site. The large machines stir up everything around them, which is why homes nearby are affected. We see the health risks associated with such activities.

Scientists themselves aren’t clear as to how dust is formed. They know that it exists in the air and travels through it as well. It includes decomposed insects, food debris, and even pet hair.




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What are the Health Issues associated with Dust?

Scientists have discovered a dozen health risks that come from being exposed to dust for long. Seeing a doctor while experiencing any of these symptoms is highly recommended. 

Respiratory Problems:

Most of the problems that come with dust surround your breathing system. Your body needs a certain level of oxygen inside it to do basic tasks, and if 20 percent of the air that you breathe in is dust, consider yourselves in grave danger. Dust particles can have several bacteria, and when sucked in, it gives the bacteria access to one of the most sensitive parts of your body. The lungs.

This is where people start experiencing breathing problems. You start hearing a whistle as you breathe and also experience a heavy chest due to all the mucus that starts accumulating inside of you. Mucus is your body’s defense mechanism where all the bacteria is collected and then sneezed or exerted out through the mouth. Other problems include infections in your lungs that are harder to heal from and much more painful to handle. Your respiratory system is also responsible for all the oxygen that exists and enters your body; hence, less oxygen means a weaker body and lowered stamina. 

This is why you might feel dizzy and even end up vomiting a few times before you find equilibrium. In such scenarios, people start wearing respiratory masks to make sure dust does not enter through their mouths. 

Clogs your Nose:

Your nose hairs are responsible for stopping any hard particles from entering your body. They are a dense jungle inside of your nose, which helps to prevent bacteria from accumulating. When you take out a booger from your nose, it is simply the defense mechanism of your body that develops all the bacteria and dust collected into a booger. 

However, if there is too much dust, the chances are that your nose gets clogged. This means you lose 1 out of two places to breathe from, and it is also very annoying. 

Teary Eyes:

You can experience teary eyes in places with a lot of dust in them. This is a phenomenon which helps to wipe away all the dust that accumulates on the outer surface of your eyes. The water drops act as wipers and takes with them all the dust that surrounds them. However, if your eyes do not cease from tearing up, you might start feeling a strong pulsating pain around your eyes. It will also sting to keep them open, so make sure you protect them from such a scenario. 


Dust particles can sometimes carry with them tiny insects that attach themselves to your body. These insects feed on the dead skin cells that surround your skin. Their movement, however, is what causes the itchy reaction, which is why doctors recommend regular baths for people living near dusty areas. Try to use minty antiseptic soap quite often because it helps to kill all these insects and also cool down those itchy areas.


An everyday vacuum and an air purifier will help your home out a lot. Having dust collect inside is frustrating yes, but who says you cannot clean your way through it. It might take some time from your daily routine, but at least you won’t have to face such preventable health issues.