Search Engine Marketing Calgary

With more and more people looking for their goods and services online it is crucial that you have a well optimized web presence.  You need to make sure that your site is not only filled with useful information it needs to be search engine friendly in order to have an organic presence in the search results page.  We have years of experience staying on top of Google’s algorithmic changes and how they can affect your site.  Organic rankings don’t happen by accident, there are steps that need to be taken to ensure that your site is seen by potential clients.  We make sure that your search engine marketing is done right.

On-Page Elements


Everything starts with good quality content.  Our team can put together well researched copy that includes the right keywords and phrases that will answer questions any potential visitor may have about your goods and services.  We can work with you to make sure that your content is updated regularly and the information remains current.

Site Architecture

Site architecture includes things like the structure of your site, its responsiveness, site speed and of course the security of your site.  We make sure that your site is laid out properly that it will load quickly for your visitors and that it is going to work on every device.  Google favors sites that load quickly and work well on mobile and we make sure that this is done properly.

Website Code

We not only make the visible part of your website look good we also make sure that the back end code is built properly and perfectly readable to search engines.  We use relevant titles, descriptions, alt tags and headings.  There will be no keyword stuffing or deceptive content that can get you penalized in the future.

Off-Page Elements


Building backlinks is still of the most crucial elements to any SEO campaign.  Building backlinks has changed drastically over the years and today quality is everything.  We use quality backlinks from niche relevant sites.  We use outreach to look for authorities in your industry that will help promote your business.  We do not build spammy or irrelevant backlinks that could potentially get your site penalized.

Local or National

Does your business cater to local clients or do you service clients all over the country.  A good marketing strategy knows the difference and how to make it work for you, if you’re a plumber in Miami then targeting clients in Seattle isn’t going to work for you.  Both types of campaigns are laser targeted to get you in front of the right audience.

Getting and keeping your website high in the search results page is the goal of any SEO campaign and we have years of experience behind us that can help you do just that.