Social Media Marketing Calgary

Social media has become a communication powerhouse that more than 300 million people use each and every day.  In fact you’re probably one of them.  Your customers spend more time on social media than any other type of website on the internet.  After defining who your ideal customer is then we capitalize on the platform that they most use.  For instance millennials are more likely to be on Instagram or Snapchat, business people will be found on LinkedIn and you can find everybody on Facebook and YouTube.  We take advantage on both organic and paid traffic on social platforms to drive traffic to your site.  Social media marketing offers some of the best return on investment you will find in the digital space.

One of our Social media experts will discuss with you your business goals along with your advertising budget and how we can leverage the power of social media to increase brand awareness along with sales of your products and services.  Social media can help build long term relationships with your customers and it is another tool in your arsenal to use for customer support.  Social media goes hand in hand with your search engine marketing efforts.  Let’s look at how we can improve your social presence.

social media marketing

Organic Reach

Your social accounts have followers and when you make a post on Facebook for example the number of your fans or followers that see it is your organic reach.  Over the years, particularly on Facebook that reach has declined where only 2-4% of your followers are going to see anything that you post.  This doesn’t mean that organic reach isn’t important but we tackle it a bit differently.  We invite people to comment and tag on your posts and we look for content that is relevant to your business but also has the potential to go viral.  Depending on the platform that you use other sites like LinkedIn and Instagram have very high engagements.  When we manage your social media, we create sites on the right platforms for your business and just like your website we fill it with compelling content that readers want to share.

Paid Advertising

All social media platforms offer up some type of paid advertising to get your business in front of customers.  What sets them apart is the ability to target.  Does your business cater to pets, then you have the ability to target pet owners.  Is your ideal customer a woman between 18-35 living in California, that too can be reached using social media.  Paid advertising on social media can drive highly targeted traffic to your website and provide an incredible boost to your bottom line.