How to Choose a Good Video Production Company

A good video production company for example Sightline Studios Calgary  should have the infrastructure, technology, and the team to produce impactful films. They should attract the maximum number of audiences, retain their attention and deliver the message and information exactly according to your objective.  The company should be able to produce multiple genres for short and long duration videos. Some of them are brand and business promotion, company profile, service and product launch/ information, in-house /external training, etc. The experts should be able to create compelling content, flowing storyboard, innovative characters, and impactful situations to convert the maximum number of audiences into potential consumers (of information) and customers (for products and services) within the shortest span of time.

You may use the online search, social media, personal contacts, referrals, or any other methods to make the initial list of companies in your region. Then you can read reviews, watch sample videos, contact existing customers and meet the company’s technical team.

The information you get from these sites will be only partial. One-to-one interaction with the team members allow you to get the insight into the company’s principles and practices of video production.

License and Statutory Requirements

The video production company doesn’t need a special license apart from the business license to operate in the specific location near you. Of course it should have a tax registration number from the local or the state government.

Infrastructure – Interact with the Company

The company should have advanced equipment and tools for shooting the various types of films in the corporate, industrial, commercial, and other genres.  The hardware should include the high definition camera, lighting and sound equipment, electrical panels, cables, and networking tools, computers, and recording devices. Genuine software include operating systems, editing tools, soundtrack, visual effects, transformation of lower resolution films into HD or HDR quality, music, dubbing, and other processes till the completion.  Having an established studio can be helpful in shooting the customized footages which may not be possible in your business location or the industrial plant. The best way to assess the infrastructure and evaluate their compatibility is to visit the Company‘s HQ or the branch office in your region. You can visually inspect the hardware and hardware infrastructure in depth.

Industry Experience and Expertise –Watch Samples

The video production company should have relevant experience in your industry. You can decide on the number of years, depending on your specific requirements. Experience gives depth of coverage for portraying your organizational profile, principles and practices, social responsibility, customer commitment, product quality, service coverage, and the customer satisfaction levels.

An experienced production company knows how to combine the creative lighting, sound, color, visual effects and the other aspects. To convey the ONE message your audience about your organization, brand and products. All the other parameters of the storyboard originate from the ONE theme. If you have already created the theme, the company will know how to present it using a series of interconnected storyboards that carry the message in various forms and intensity. You can know about their experience and expertise by watching the sample videos from your industry.

Audience Understanding –Interact with Clients

Reading the online client testimonials can give you an overview of how the video company understands the audience expectations. But they may not cover all the technical and functional aspects of your queries fully. It is better to read the clientele page of the production company to know their existing clients. May be, you can talk to those clients directly by having a prior appointment.

Prepare a detailed questionnaire which focuses on the specific aspects of the video coverage done by the company for that client. Make a note of their answers. You will need them while evaluating the production company standards and deliverables. Don’t focus on how much of revenue the clients got after displaying the videos, rather ask how many views, comments, reviews, website visitors and contacts (business leads) they got. It will help you evaluate the impact of the video on the audience.

Pre-Production Procedures – Talk to the Technical Team

The pre-production procedures start from the initial plan based on your requirement. The technical team from the production company will meet your organizational members and gather the full information. Then it continues through storyboarding, character and scene creation, flow and the ending. The entire storyline doesn’t deviate from the main theme at any point of time. Ask the experts to give you a sample storyboard with the main characters. This approach will make you understand how impactful they can be on your target audiences.

Look for peak attention grabbing moments in the storyboard. For example, consider the video about a soft drink production brand. It can have a specific footage in which the integration of the social responsibility (clean water and environment), beverage quality, consumer contentment, retailer benefits, brand profile, and the other details happen within a few seconds. It is such peaks which can attract the attention of the maximum audience. They also convey the messages to the audience about the brand, product, and the consumer benefits without stressing on the commercial perspective of selling. Te audiences tend to retain such moments in their memory for the longest period of time.

Production Procedures –Talk to the production Team

Lighting is one of the key elements which can elevate the production quality to the highest level in the corporate sector. Analyze all the lighting equipment and tools in depth. Keep the storyboard, scenarios, and the sequences in your preview while talking about the lighting. Any production company that works in shadows and darkness can’t be good enough to portray the positive aspects of your business and brand. They may be good enough for the XXXX-anonymous videos, but it won’t create an impact on information and promotion videos. You should also know about the quality and the number of shooting cameras to be deployed by the company during production in a specific location and situation. Having more number of cameras at multiple angles can help in covering the same location from different angles and perspectives.

Post-Production Procedures –Talk to the Editing Experts

The post production procedures from the editing, deleting, and visual & audio effects, to the completion are the parameters to determine a production company’s integrity.