Garage Door Springs Maintenance

Garage doors not only render you the convenience of entering your home whenever you want, but they also enhance the curb appeal of your house. Advantage Garage doors  of the Garage Door Depot had a conversation about the importance of garage door springs functionality and maintenance.

If you don’t know what type of spring your garage door has, then you can inspect the area where the springs are installed and confirm it yourself. Torsion springs are mounted in the header of the upper section of the garage door. Extension springs can be found on either side of the door and are attached to the track.

What are torsion springs?

Torsion springs are helical springs that make use of a force called torque in a circular direction. They use the tension created by the opening and closing of the door. These springs twist and turn to allow this function. They can withstand up to 10,000 lift cycles or maybe even more. They are smoother and longer than extension springs. If you want your door to last for a long time, then it’d be better if you convert to torsion springs.

What are extension springs?

Extension springs are also known as tension springs. They have a coiled structure and are usually made from sprung steel springs. They stretch and increase their length whenever force is applied to them. The more the force the further will the spring stretch. They also last up to 10,000 cycles. Safety cables run through these springs on either side of the door and attach to the back bracing. If the safety cables on your springs are missing, then contact professionals and get them properly installed.

Maintenance of garage door

You can find bottom cable brackets at the bottom of your garage door. They are continuously under a lot of stress. It’d be best if you hire a professional for the maintenance of the spring set-up of your garage door. According to Gibson, you can conduct a small test to determine whether your springs are balanced or not. You can close the garage door and gently disengage the release cord. Then open the door to your waist and carefully, let it go. If you notice the door rising or lowering a lot, then it means that your door is not balanced. At this point, you should call a professional. Don’t try to fix things by yourself.

It doesn’t matter if the springs are operated manually or through a motor, they are very important for the smooth functioning of your garage door and should be maintained once in a while. Opening and closing the garage door would be incredibly easy with a small motor that can run at half horsepower. A garage door without springs would be almost impossible to move. Like any other mechanical object, garage doors, too, need proper maintenance and attention preferably from the friendly and skilled professionals at The Garage Depot if you want them to function without any hindrance.